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Shih Chaowei

Shih Chaowei

LAST YEAR IN TAIWAN Peter Singer had an extended dialogue with the Buddhist scholar, feminist and animal advocate Shih Chaohwei.  They exchanged views on many ethical issues, finding both similarities and differences between Chaohwei’s Buddhist approach and Singer’s utilitarian one.  The dialogue was recorded, and their plan is that it will eventually become a book, but they will first continue the dialogue over email before finalizing the text.

On the 4th of May 2007, Shih Chaohwei was awarded the 48th Chinese Literature and Arts Medal for her outstanding contributions to cultural debates. She was also awarded the International Outstanding Women in Buddhism Medal on March 6th, 2009 and The Person of the Year Prize for social movements on December 28th, 2012. Together with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, she has been appointed as the spiritual mentor of INEB, the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, founded by the renowned Thai Buddhist reformer, Sulak Sivaraksa.

She has facilitated the legislation of the “Wildlife Conservation Act” and the “Animal Protection Act.” Adhering to the compassionate Buddhist spirit to care for all sentient beings, she has urged the public to stop the abuse and cruel treatment of animals in all possible situations and contexts.

From 1995 till August 2013, she has written and published a total of 27 books and over 70 research papers. The books include: Buddhist Ethics, A Contemporary Interpretation of the Buddha’s monastic Regulations (Vinaya), The Normative Ethics of Buddhism, and Following in the Historical Footsteps of the Practice of the Bodhisattva Path in Human Form.